Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits and a Run in the Rain

On Tuesday mornings, for the past several weeks, The Captain and I have been getting up, sipping some coffee, then a small protein smoothie, and heading out for a nice run together.  I am really beginning to love these early morning runs.

Last night I mapped out a new route for us to follow today, but when we woke up this morning, we could hear a light rain falling outside… sure enough, it was gloomy and wet.  We checked the Weather Channel while we drank our coffee.

And then we agreed to go anyway… our weather forecast does look a bit soggy for the next few days so it wouldn’t be a matter of just putting it off till tomorrow.   I made us each a deilcious smoothie with some banana, vanilla protein powder, and cinnamon for incentive.

We both put on a light vest over our running tees, and off we went.  It was drizzling very lightly and as we ran along, it actually almost quit.  The Captain calls these light showers a Scotch Mist.

Instead of running along the Strait, or around the park, I took us through our neighborhood past the Legislature Buildings, and on to the Inner Harbor.  We followed the waterfront path past the marinas for about 1 km before heading back into the centre of the City and completing the 5 km loop.

It was kind of neat to be out and about as the city was just waking up.  And we noticed a few policemen setting up radar traps because today is the first day of the new school year here.

Once home, we enjoyed a leisurely stretch, some water, and some brekkie.

So, dishes are done, laundry is in the washer, and now I am getting ready to work on Day 3 of The 30 Day PUSH Challenge.  And I can see a much heavier rain falling now, outside my window.

Aug 31 PUSH pics 005

Out of the 10 goals that we set yesterday, ONE of them will stand out as the FIRST one we should work on… it won’t likely be the easiest to achieve.  But it WILL be the one that sets off the domino effect for all of the others.

Chalene says, and I agree, that easily-achieved goals are not as satisfying, usually. 

Sometimes an important goal is easy to achieve.  But most of the time, I would say that things that are harder, that take more time and /or effort, or even $$ to achieve, seem to be SWEETER and make us feel better after we attain them.

Do you think you have a PUSH goal?  One that you need to achieve before going after the others?

On the food front… The Captain cut up a kabocha squash for me yesterday. I spritzed it with olive oil and sprinkled cinnamon on the pieces before roasting them in the oven for half an hour.

Sept 2 Roasted Kabocha 001

Then for lunch, I had a few pieces drizzled with a mixture of vanilla protein powder and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, a spoonful of Maranatha Almond Butter, and a couple of spoonfuls of Manitoba Hemp Hearts.  So filling and delicious!

Sept 2 Kabocha bowl 001

What special foods are you enjoying now that Fall is on the way?

Do you like to run in the rain?


  1. I love it since being in your neck of the woods, I can picture where you run! Rain makes me hesitate. But if it isn't too hard and there's no lightning, I usually head out.
    I'm still inundated with cukes from my garden. I do have some acorn squash growing nicely though.

  2. Running in the mist like that is so perfect: no one is ever out and it is so peaceful!

  3. I love that you ran in the rain. I'm longing for a little weather cooldown. Your squash looks wonderful.

  4. I love to run in the fall rain - so cooling and relaxing during the run. Your squash looks pretty tasty. :)

  5. I love to run in the fall rain, so cool and relaxing. Your squash looks pretty tasty.

  6. I like to run when it's gently raining and I recently made strawberry and peach jam. Kabocha squash sounds good!

  7. Couples who run together, stay together! :) <3

  8. Love that you guys are so together! :) I am not a fan of running in the rain - no gear for it./.. I try to work around it.. :)

  9. I LOVE running in the rain, doesn't happen quite as often as I'd like here in Colorado. :) And that Kabocha bowl looks amazing!


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