Monday, September 2, 2013

Setting Goals for the Next 12 Months

Day 2 of the Push challenge is all about setting goals… we are asked to set 10 goals that mesh with our 3 most important priorities… things we want to have happen or achieve over the next 12 months…and then make sure they are:

  • specific and quantifiable
  • achievable
  • challenging and BIG enough

Aug 31 PUSH pics 004

An interesting exercise certainly because it helps one distinguish between thought bubbles and actual wants.

For example,  I have day dreams about one day looking like Ernestine Shepherd….

But I know this is just a thought and will never be a goal, because I am not willing to do what it takes to attain and maintain that level of fitness.  I don’t want to spend the money, or the time, or limit my food intake like she does.  So, it becomes something I admire, but do not aspire to….only in my fantasies.

On the other hand, last year my goal was to run a half marathon, and I was able to achieve that goal because the training fit my lifestyle, schedule, and level of motivation during that particular time in my life.

I am excited to work on this exercise and see what I can come up with!

My workout today was an upper body/core circuit with dumbbells, and then I did the first routine on my Reebok Kettlebell DVD... love my little 10-lb kettlebell.  Worked up a great appetitie for breakfast!

Do your goals match your priorities?


  1. Interesting question. I have fitness goals which I don't think have anything to do with my priorities. My priorities are my kids and husband (family). Goals are qualifying to run the Boston Marathon. I feel like they are exclusive... I have to think on this more.

    1. I would say then that your running doesn't interfere with your family time. Good for you!

    2. I set my running around the family, thus my 4:30am wake ups and early morning runs... I guess I just make one work around the other.

  2. My goals typically match my priorities. My problem is that I've been lazy about setting goals lately. I seem to be lacking the passion to set any. Perhaps I need this exercise as well!

    1. I think LAZY is the last word I would use to describe you! :)

  3. Great job! Today I took advantage of having the day off and went for a nice long run and a bike ride! I had a great day!

  4. Great job! In terms of goal setting - my goal is to get stronger and have fun staying fit!

  5. mine do
    completely utterly wholly and FINALLY.
    only took me close to 40 years :-)

  6. I'm still working on goals right now. I feel kind of directionless in almost all aspect of my life right now and I feel like establishing some real, attainable, reasonable goals would help in that, but I am struggling to do so. The 5K I ran in July took so much out of me in terms of fitness - and then to being able to run the Quarter - I just feel like I need to take a big step back and re-evaluate some things and where I want to go/be. I love reading about your goals!


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