Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rain, Rest, Regroup

What a soggy and wet week we have had here!

Aside from getting out for a few walks, I haven’t done any workouts since the kickboxing session on Tuesday morning.  Nope, not running in the rain… and the folks I do see running past my windows don’t appear to be enjoying it much either.

I have been on the edge of a cold or sore throat all week too… making sure to wash my hands a lot, using hand sanitizer at work at my Weight Watchers meetings…. taking zinc and vitamin C lozenges through the day… drinking green tea, and RESTING.  I am out of Epicor, darn.

But feeling a bit more energetic this morning so heading off to do a 15 minute upper body and core workout before breakfast and getting to work on day 28 of the Chalene Johnson PUSH Challenge.  I am almost finished and have been enjoying all the insightful lessons.

Aug 31 PUSH pics 030

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Do you go public with your health and fitness goals?


  1. Hope you continue to feel better. Better not to run in the rain when you are sick anyway! I do know people that love to run in the rain - not me! :) I really do not go public with my goals...

  2. So you've got the rain! We've been so dry here and frankly the weather has been lovely. I'm crappy about setting goals. I definitely plan on being better about it as I inch up my mileage.

  3. I need to find me some new goals first.


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