Monday, September 30, 2013

New Routine and PUSH Challenge Update

Today I started a new strenth training program (yes, in spite of my full-blown sniffles).   I found it in a book I have been reading called The Body Fat Solution.

Sept 29 TV book 001

I was first introduced to Tom Venuto by Kammie at Sensual Appeal, when she wrote a post about some programs she had tried and liked.   We touched bases, and then I did a lot of research about this particular program, including reading the book and checking out Tom’s Inner Circle, and decided to give it a try.  I did a couple of Tom’s other workouts with Kammie and some of her #FitBuddies group… and quite liked them. 

Aside from the exercises, which is the reason I was drawn to the book, he offers very good and very straightforward advice about ending emotional eating, along with tips and calculations for figuring out what you need in the way of nutrients. 

The program has me doing 3 strength workouts each week – there are 2 different groups of exercises and the program prescribes alternating between them.  So, after 4 weeks, I should have done each group 6 times.  I will reassess my interest at that point… I get bored easily but I do KNOW that I should stay with a given program for 8 to 12 weeks to see any real results. 
I am also adding 3 sets of push ups at the end of both workouts.  I love them and think they really do add to my upper body work.

I have been looking for some heavier dumbbells.  The heaviest I have now are 8 lb. and I would like to have a pair of 12 lb. I think.  I also have a 10 lb. kettle bell and I use it for some single arm work.  There was a 15 lb. bell at Winners a couple of weeks ago which I passed up… now I wish I hadn’t!

We are planning to get away fro a couple of days to Washington in October, so I will continue looking for weights while we are there too… Seattle is not on the agenda, but Silverdale is, and that is a good big box store area… and now there is a TJs there too.  Yay!

I understand now that I should be lifting heavier weights and doing fewer reps.  Ah, so much to learn and understand.

And on another note…

Aug 31 PUSH pics 032

Today is Day 30 and the final day of the Chalene Johnson PUSH Challenge. It has been a real eye-opener and I am glad to have completed it.  Very helpful in getting organized and setting goals and gearing myself up for success.

Unfortunately the workouts in this book do not appeal to me at all.

I have also selected a winner in my CLIF/Builder’s/LUNA bar giveaway… check out the original post to see who it is… could be YOU.

Sept 16 CLIF bar pics 001

Where do you find your  strength workouts?  Do you follow a program or just wing it from session to session?


  1. I tend to find them online. or I make them up. Right now I am mostly just winging it. Hope you like your new program and find some heavier weights to throw around :)

  2. I do variations of workouts I did when I had a trainer. Orrrrr I try those I find in fitness magazines. You definitely need that 15lb bell!


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