Sunday, September 8, 2013

To-Do or Not To-Do…Lists that is…

Aug 31 PUSH pics 010

I am really enjoying all the work I have been doing during this 30 Day PUSH challenge, that has me thinking about my priorities, setting goals that support and match them, and back in the groove of making to-do lists - daily.

When I was in embroiled in the corporate world of data and finance, I lived out of my day-timer and got right out of that habit when I left that ratrace and moved onto our sailboat many years ago.

Still a list maker at heart, I am whole-heartedly jumping back on the daily to-do list band wagon!

What about you? Are you a list maker? 

Do you have a day-timer?  Smart phone or pen and paper?


  1. i Have just started using the reminders in my ipad. It actually helps :)

  2. OMG I AM SUCH A LIST MAKER it's neurotic!!! I have a planner on my desk, and then I have a calendar on my computer and a TO DO LIST app on my phone (always looking for a new one) and then I have a TO DO LIST for every day that sits on my counter! I am such a weirdo, but hey, it works and it makes me feel all accomplished when I CROSS THINGS OFF! ha ha!

    post it
    smart phone
    ALL OVER so hopefully I remember to do some of it.
    some day :-)

  4. I still have my Daytimer from my years in the corporate world. There are times when I lose everything from the 'cloud' and my iPhone goes blank that I still pull it out. Yes, list maker here too!

  5. I am, a list maker but I forget the list sometimes - need to do on my phone!!! :)


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