Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Goals

I didn't set any goals for October.  I just wanted to stay healthy enough to have my eye surgery and then follow doctor's orders to heal and get the most successful results possible.

I ended up runnning 3 times for a grand total of 15.65 kilometers.  And I got in several upper body workouts with my 8lb dumbells, some core work, some leg work and lots of walking.  It is what it is. 

November looms dark and rainy and cool... I am not sure when I will be allowed to run again.  The vision in my right eye is still somewhat impaired and I would not trust my footing, even if allowed. 

The surgery took more out of my stamina than I thought it would but I am feeling pretty peppy and stronger now.  I want to do something..... so I signed up for the Pile on the Miles Challenge, which runs from November 1st through to U.S. Thanksgiving and it encourages walking and running at least 5 miles every week.  I can do that.  I will do that.

And I also signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.  It starts November 19th and runs through January 6th.

November Goals
  • Walk minimun 60 miles in November
  • upon clearance from eye doc:
    • upper body work 3 X per week
    • lower body strength work 3 X per week
    • 20 minutes Pilates 2 X per week
  • Report progress as per challenge requirements
  • Weekly blog post progress/results
Have you signed up for either or both of these challenges?

If you live where there is 'real winter' do you do more indoor workouts when the weather gets colder?  Do you run less or just move it indoors?


  1. Though I want to keep running to a minimum this month, I think I may still sign up for that first challenge. 5 miles can be my "lomg" run once a week or something,

    I definitely take my workouts indoors in the winter...less running, more cross training and weights!

    Hope that eye returns to normal soon!

  2. Way to get motivated!! Love that you signed up for both of those challenges! I did too, but I am not sure I will be able to run much in November either, so I might just be able to participate in the HBBC (fighting some awesome tendinitis in my achilles)

    GLad you have some energy back as well, I also feel crappy when I can't get out and move much!

  3. Some great goals Elle. You are inspiring to me as you have made a commitment to keep with the workouts! Love it!

    I have signed up for both challenges and am very excited to have the accountability this fall.

    When it gets cold I try to still run outside at least 1-2 times per week...but I am often indoors more than i would like. I usually run about the same though!

    Hope you continue to heal and recover quickly!

  4. I'm definitely indoors more in the winter, although this will be my first year with a treadmill so hopefully I can keep up the mileage with that. I am planning on joining Amanda's challenge - I'll have to check out the other one!

  5. I have signed up for both too! My goals with the challenges have changed due to injury but I am glad I still have them. I am not dropping out but will use them to motivate me to do what I can, within reason, even if it is walking 5 miles a week initially!

  6. I'm nervous about training for the Goofy over the winter because I dislike the treadmill so much, and I am worried about running over ice.

    I signed up for the HBBC, but I have not yet this year. I have not heard of the Thanksgiving one, but I want to go check it out.

    You set goals that are challenging, but attainable. I see so many people who set goals they KNOW they cannot reach and then they get discouraged and just quit! I am excited for you to reach these goals because I know you will, and I am looking froward to following your progress.

  7. I absolutely refused to move indoors last year. I just strapped on my Yak Traks and went. I had a blog post about it not long ago if you are interested (I feel like a jerk self promoting in your comments).

  8. I signed up for these two challenges too. We do have winter here, but it won't come until at least mid-December, maybe early January.

  9. I'm signed up for both of these challenges and I think they are going to be great for getting me through my last runs of the season and keeping me busy working out as it gets cold.

  10. Sounds like a good plan! I've signed up for th HBBC too - anything that encourages me to get off the sofa and do some exercise! It's so easy to be lazy! And I don't have a proper excuse like you - I really am just lazy :S

  11. I hope you are up and running sooner rather than later! I like your plans with the two challenges. Good stuff.

    I am all about being outdoors, no matter what. The only time I'll succumb to the treadmill is when the hubs is traveling and I have no choice. Try it--you'll find its preferable, even in the cold!

  12. I missed signing up for the pile on the miles challenge but am signed up for the other one. When are you supposed to be able to resume working out?

    Nice job with the goal setting!

  13. two great challenges to keep you motivated and realize that training doesn't have to be for a race :)

  14. Good luck with your goals and the challenges! I like to keep my runs outside as much as possible although it gets tough. When it's below zero i do part of my run outside then finish on the mill.


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