Monday, July 22, 2013

Calling an Audible

I woke up with a start this morning and discovered I had slept till 8:17 a.m. which is quite late for me.  I went to sleep at around 11 p.m. last night and slept right through… guess the weekend’s activities must have played  me out more than I thought.

On Sunday morning I worked a Weight Watchers meeting, then did some grocery shopping with The Captain before heading home and making lunch.  Then we walked downtown and met up with an old friend from Greeley, Colorado, who was in town showing off the city to some of his boat guests… some from Denver and a few from Georgia… didn’t get the name of the exact place. 

It is always fun to meet Bud whenever he brings his 68 foot Queenship over from Anacortes, WA to our marina town.  We have enjoyed meeting his family and various friends since we first became acquainted in 2002.  This group had rented a minivan and driven into Victoria for the day to site-see and shop for souvenirs.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon,  and we visited as we wandering around the core of the city, through thousands of people watching different buskers at their craft and admiring hundreds of cars that lined the streets in a display to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie American Graffiti…. and we eventually made a coffee stop at a lovely outdoor cafe, while some of the ladies shopped the local artisan booths.  Then we walked home and made dinner and loafed on the couch and had a movie night.  I know I could barely keep my eyes open till 11…. I think the warmer weather saps my energy sometimes.

So, a late start today… and I decided I would not do my normal Monday morning strength workout, but that I would rather have breakfast and then head out into the sunshine for a 5 km run. 

At about quarter to 11, after letting breakfast settle for about 90 minutes, we changed into our running gear and The Captain noticed that the sunshine had disappeared and that a heavy fog seemed to be rolling in… it was quite cool and moist outside and I closed our windows.

We added light jackets to our togs and off we went.  I thought we would run our normal 5 km route, about 1/3 of which is along the Strait, but decided as we loped along that heading toward the water would only take us into thicker fog and we would be even cooler… so I told The Captain we should continue along the street we were on and then I made up a new route as we ran along… it ended up being just shy of 4 km but I had had enough by then and we walked the last couple of blocks home to cool off a bit before coming in and stretching.

The Captain mentioned that when I called the audible, it was a good decision…  eh what?  When I decided we should not head to the water but continue along the street we were on… that was calling an audible…. apparently.

I recalled that sometime last week we had watched a cute feel-good movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson playing the role of a quarterback who discovered he was the father of a little girl and that term calling an audible was used a couple of times in that movie.  

I didn't pay much attention to it but when The Captain used it this morning, my ears perked up.  I had never heard it before the movie the other night so I decided to look it up.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

call an audible

To decide what to do at the last second after seeing all possible options and obstacles that come up.
Comes from football, seen when the quarterback goes up to the line of scrimmage, sees a defensive alignment he wasn't expecting, and adjusts by yelling out a new play.

for example... I'm thinking of going jogging but if it rains I'll have to call an audible and go to the gym instead.

July 22 fog 002

July 22 fog 001

A couple of hours later, the sun is finally starting to break through and burn off the fog…

Have you ever called an audible on your run?


  1. Allan and I both call audibles from time to time especially when a run starts out rough and we just don't have a good feeling about pressing on. Sometimes it's best just to stop and head back. It sounds like you made the right decision!

  2. I have always wondered what that term meant but never looked it up :)


  3. I've heard that term used in football games but never really knew what it meant. Now I do. And yes, I call them all the time while running!

  4. Ha I have totally heard that word but didnt think anything of it, so good to know!

  5. Lives full of audibles..that's what makes it so exciting!

  6. Audible are good, it's great to sleep in now and then, even if you don't do it on purpose. Our bodies need this sometimes.

  7. I have called an audible. We pretty much call audibles with the kids and their activities every day depending on the weather. And I've never heard that phrase before either. So interesting!


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