Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer Review and Giveaway

When I first saw Facebook mentions and blog reviews about Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer I knew I wanted to try it.  What could be better for a coffee-loving , protein-loving girl, than to be able to combine them?  Sounded like the perfect combination to me.

I have been drinking coffee every morning since well back into my teen years.  My first steady  boyfriend taught me to drink black coffee and smoke Rothman’s cigarettes when I was 16.  I have since given up both him and the cigarettes, but the coffee habit has blossomed and flourished!

I  have come to love all kinds of coffee… strong and flavorful and dark, occasional milk-frothed lattes and cappuccinos, demitasses of gritty Greek coffee, and cream-laced espressos… perked, French-pressed, dripped, filtered, and also what I call my Father’s cowboy coffee which is made by putting coffee grounds and a bit of water in a pot, boiling it up and then adding more water to settle the grounds…  sipped hot and black from a saucer.  It's all good.  Heck, I will even drink instant coffee if that is all there is.

I am one of those lucky people who can drink my beloved java all day long and into the evening without any effect on my sleep. I drink coffee till bed time most nights and then drift off into dreamland with no problem.

I like to work out 3 mornings a week on an empty stomach.  Upon arising I have a glass of water into which I have squeezed and tossed half a lime… and then I have my first cup of coffee while I get dressed and assemble my workout gear.  This normally works well for  me.  

I can handle an upper body workout, or a core workout quite nicely with no more sustenance.  However, if the workout involves any cardio at all, or very much lower body work such as squats and lunges, I know that I need a little something more than just black coffee to help me power through.  I have learned to put together a small protein drink to have before I get started.

When The Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer people asked me whether I would like to try their Chizzled Chocolate or their Lean Vanilla Bean, I replied  ‘why choose?  why not send both?’  which they did, quite promptly.

July 24 Ripped Cream 002

Now I don’t normally put anything in my morning coffee, therefore I am using the Ripped Cream only on mornings where I want a little extra something to fuel a workout.  The first opportunity to try it came last Saturday.

The Captain and I were planning to head out for a short run so I poured us each a nice big cup of joe and strirred in some Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer… Chizzled Chocolate for The Captain, and Vanilla Lean Bean for me.

July 27 Ripped Cream 002

The suggested serving size is 2 tablespoons.  The Vanilla has 90 calories, 2.5 g fat, 5 g protein, 11 amino acids, and a whopping 50% of the day’s Vitamin D3 requirement.  It is gluten free and lactose free, too.

July 27 Ripped Cream 003

It dissolves instantly into the coffee….

July 27 Ripped Cream 004

for a really nice, and slightly sweet, Vanilla flavor.  Turns an ordinary cup of coffee into a very special coffee for sure.

July 27 Ripped Cream 001

The Chocolate doesn’t lighten the coffee as much as the Vanilla does and has a slightly different nutritional profile.

And I should admit, that ‘cause we sat out on the balcony in our jammies in the sunshine and the coffee tasted so good, we did linger over it a little longer than we normally do.

We finally set out for our run and I should confess that I put an energy gel in my pocket just in case I started to feel weak or light headed… but I never thought about using it after we got going.  The Ripped Cream got me through 4 km quite easily, although I was ready for an after-run snack by the time we got home and I finished rehydrating and stretching.  The Captain can run quite easily on an empty stomach so the Ripped Cream certainly was enough for him as well.

My second test of the Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer came on Tuesday morning.  I had another large cupful of coffee, this time with 2 Tbs of the Chizzled Chocolate flavor… and finished it just before I started a sweaty full-body 3-2-1 circuit workout. 

The circuit consisted of lunge/squats, overhead presses, push up planks, skaters, jump squats, core work… and I completed 3 full rounds of it in 24 minutes and then added a 5 minute stretch.  I still had lots in the tank and could easily  have done another round but was pushed for time so I didn’t. 

I am really pleased with my ability to perform after using the Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer.  It has just enough nutrients for a quick burst to get me through a short run or a strength workout.  

I can also see enjoying it in the afternoon if I need a bit of a pick me up and don’t want to have a snack. It would be easily portable, too.  Just put a couple of spoonfuls in a baggie in your pocket our purse to tote along.  And if you are someone who normally puts a creamer in your coffee, you will certainly appreciate this as well.

Would you like to try some Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer, too?  Here is your chance!

The generous folks at Ripped Cream are going to send one person two full bags of Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer in the flavor of their choice… Chizzled Chocolate or Vanilla Lean Bean.  You must have a U.S. address to enter.

All entries will be counted through the Rafflecopter form on this page.

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The bonus entries are Twitter follows and Tweets.

The winner will be selected and notified before being announced on this page.  Entries will be taken till Sunday, August 4th at 11:59 p.m. and the winner will be contacted by email on  Monday, August 5th.

Good luck to you!

I was provided samples of Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer in order to write this review but the opinions are my own.

Are you a coffee fan?  What is your favorite way to drink it?


  1. Coffee in the AM is my favorite time of day. I would love to try this then!

  2. you just might have had me with the phrase AFTERNOON PICK ME UP!!! :)

  3. Thanks for the review!!! I'd been hearing ab ripped cream but had not seen any reviews!!

  4. I would most definitely use it first thing in the morning with my piping cup of coffee! I don't normally use creamer (just almond milk and stevia) but this packs a protein punch! Would love to try!

  5. So awesome that you have had such a positive experience!

  6. I am not much of a breakfast person, but try to eat before I work out. I LOVE coffee so I think this would be perfect for me!!

  7. I've seen this stuff pop up everywhere!

    I like my coffee black with stevia or honey :)

  8. I tweeted for you but did not enter. They asked me but I was just not up to adding the extra calories & all. I asked them to contact me if they made a lower cal version! :)

  9. I am a hard-core coffee fan(atic); I work 3rd shift & would use the the Ripped Cream Protein creamer as an additional boost to start my "morning". I am always looking for ways to increase my protein, and this product looks like an exciting addition!

  10. I would use it after a workout..I love having coffee in the afternoon :)

  11. I've been hearing about this- curious to try it! I'd probably use it after a run... I wait to drink coffee until I'm back from my workout.

  12. I wait to drink coffee until I'm back from my workout, so I'd probably use it mid morning. I keep hearing about this creamer, I'm so curious to try it!

  13. Ripped cream is so good. I even use it in my morning oatmeal. Never a protein aftertaste..Your coffee tastes like a lightly flavored coffee.
    Great creation!!!

  14. I'd use it in my morning coffee for extra protein.

  15. I would use the Ripped Creamer to help me up my protein intake for the day. I love my morning coffee and I think this would be a great and healthy addition to my cup! :)

  16. I love coffee and I always use creamer so this sounds like something that be great to replace the one that I currently use!

  17. I would give this to my husband because he drinks coffee at work but also likes to get a lot of protein because he hits the gym nearly everyday.

  18. I would love to try for a healthy version of coffee creamer to flavor my morning latte!

  19. This would be great to try to get more protein in my diet for breakfast in my coffee! Thanks!

  20. I would definitely use this in my morning coffee before my early morning workout! Chocolate more than likely.:)

  21. I like coffee and would like to try the vanilla flavor with extra protein, good for the morning.

  22. I would use it in the morning for breakfast and I would try the vanilla!

  23. I'm not very good at eating breakfast, but I am good at having my cup of coffee. So this would be a plus nutrition-wise!

    As for which one, I would ask your opinion. I do NOT like plain coffee--it has to be flavored. Which one do you think flavored it more?

  24. I love my coffee but I am attempting to cut back on sugar and eat cleaner. Maybe it will get me off my coffeemate.


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