Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 38th Birthday, Rachelle

Normally on a Wednesday morning I would be doing a strength workout first thing.   But I decided to put it off till tomorrow and do it before I go to work.   I thought knew today would be a good day for a run.

And a good day to run in Rachelle’s Virtual Birthday Race.  It was her 38th Birthday recently and she is hosting a 3.8 mile virtual race to celebrate.  There are prizes available too although I know I would never win a 'time' prize, perhaps there are some random draws... and some great brands are participating, too.

I plotted a new route because 3.8 miles is just not a usual distance for me.  I really had no idea where in my neighborhood it might take me.  And when I invited The Captain to come along I didn’t tell him we would be going a bit longer than our usual 5 km today so there was no opportunity to have him talk me out of that.

I wore my Mizuno shoes …. mine are white and look so plain compared to all of the new pink Mizuno Sayonara reviews I am seeing.  But I love them anyway.

July 10 Mizunos 001

It was quite breezy out there today and we had into a strong headwind coming off the Strait for at least half of the distance... uphill into a headwind.  Fun.  I had forgotten how thirsty running into the wind can make you so was really glad I had packed some water along.

And because Rachelle asked for pictures, I took the phone along too, and snapped a couple of shots at one point.  These pictures were taken of some BEARS in a yard that faces out to the water.  The bear statues were decorated and then sold as part of a fund raiser in our city some time ago… and these folks have 2 of them. 



I was glad when we eventually turned up a side street and started running away from the water ‘cause the wind was behind us then… refreshing and a nice way to finish up the run.

W3 R 45:05 @ 10/1 W5
stretch 5 minutes

Hope you had a great 38th Birthday celebration, Rachelle…. I enjoyed being part of it with this run in your virtual race.

Are  you entered to run in this virtual race?


  1. Elle, I've gotta tell you-- I think it is so great how active you stay in so many different ways!

  2. Great job Elle! So glad you could join me:) I never give out prizes based on time. Everyone is equal:) I just want people to get out there and have fun. Looks like a beautiful day!

  3. What a great idea to have a race the same distance as your age. I have not entered and since I just started running I will have to translate it to km to be able to finish it.

  4. Looks like fun! Are those the same as the bears that they had in Vancouver? I remember seeing them everywhere when I was there last time.


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