Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rocking My #BestBodyBootCamp Workout Today

Last week I wrote about a Best Body Boot Camp lower body and core workout that left me on the floor, limp, in a pool of sweat!


This morning when I got out of bed, I knew that I would be facing that same workout, with the addition of another drop set in the first exercise of each superset, and I was determined to see it all through and conquer it.

And I approached it quite differently!

I had my usual lime water and Epicor when I first arose.  And then I followed that up with a half cup of coffee while I read some email.  Then, about 30 minutes later, I made myself a protein smoothie to drink while I dressed and got out my workout gear.

July 9 smoothie 001\

Vanilla whey protein powder, piece of banana, frozen mixed berries, unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon…

whizzed up with my immersion blender

July 9 smoothie 002
It was as thick as a milkshake and absolutely delicious!

And then I tackled my workout. 

I wrote in my log the amount of weight I planned to use for the initial set and each drop set and I had a good idea in my mind of how many reps I would do in each as well. 

 I did do a bit of tinkering along the way… but overall this was a much better approach – and as I went along and realized that I was going to be able to finish the whole thing, I actually increased the reps on the core work in each of the final sets.

It was so much better to have some guidelines in mind and some fuel in my belly before I tackled this workout.  I was so happy with my performance that I did 15 pushups after it was all done, in celebration!

Whoever thought that I would think doing pushups was a way of showing happiness.  haahaahaa

I was quite ravenous by the time it was all done… it took me 50 minutes to complete… and I wolfed down some ham, eggs, and tomatoes to appease my growling belly.

Then a bit later we went for an hour long walk, and then a 15 minute swim… I think I will do quiet, relaxing work for the rest of the day.

How do you feel about facing a workout that you didn’t perform very well the first time around?


  1. That's awesome! I did the opposite, forgot to have my pre-workout snack and did a lot of improvisation and guessing on what weight to use... it wasn't a bad workout (no such thing), but now I think about how much better it would have been if I'd done it your way!

  2. Nice job on tackling it! Do you find it hard to do at-home workouts or do you prefer them? I seriously CANNOT workout at home!!

  3. I always need to eat before a workout. Days when I'm running behind or just don't manage my time well and workout without fuelling properly are usually the days when my workouts suck the most.

    And pushups for fun? I use them to punish myself; 10 pushups for a negative thought!

    Thanks for sharing your BB workout Elle!

  4. Great job. At least you figured out what was keeping you back! I have to eat before I work out, usually it's about 2 hours before, but it can vary. But I like to have SOMETHING in my belly!


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