Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Stuff

I woke up this morning from a really deep and restful sleep, and after drinking my lime water with my Epicor and a full cup of coffee, I eagerly started my third strength session of the week. 

It was a full body workout and I loved every second of it… actually that is not quite true, but I do love what these workouts are doing for me both physically and mentally, so I am making my best effort to love them while I am doing them!  I have found these 3 sessions very mentally challenging and physically taxing these past two weeks, and I know that the intensity is good for me.  "Embrace the suck"... yessiree.

Then, after a lovely and leisurely breakfast, I had a quick cleanup and then The Captain and I set out for a looooong walk.  We covered some new streets in our beautiful old neighborhood  and walked for about an hour before heading to the beach to have a quick water and snack stop, and watch the various freighters and sailboats and ferries on the Strait.  The view to the Olympic mountains in WA state was beautiful today… snowcapped peaks and blue sky.

July 13 walk 002

And then we walked about another hour before a second stop… this time at the Starbucks  a few blocks from home.

July 13 walk 004

I just realized, looking at these pictures, that we seem to be making a HANDFUL commercial!

That little orange garment bag is so handy as a day bag to carry water, snacks, the camera, etc.  And don’t you think my arms are looking quite toned these days too?  Now, to get something done with that hair…

What are you up to today?

Are you a HANDFUL fan too?

What about coffee?  Starbucks?


  1. What a wonderful day!!!! I got an email from Epicor peeps about trying their stuff - what do you think - what is it all about. I have to go to the like & research more - I just barely looked at it...

    Trying to Be Present is my goal on the weekends! :)

  2. Your arms (and hair) look great! You inspire me to work more on my arms! I have been trying to do a few push ups each day!


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