Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 5 #BestBodyBootcamp Begins

Week 5 of this Round of Best Body Boot Camp has begun…. and Tina has thrown yet a few more new things at us… or at least at me!


During this 2-week long phase, she has incorporated trisets into the mix.  Trisets are similar to supersets wherein you do the exercises one after another before a short rest and then repeating them and so on, BUT trisets use three moves instead of two.

And she has also prescribed a couple of new-to-me exercises. 

Today’s workout called for Wall Sits with Leg Extensions using a stability ball, and something called  YTI which is a move for the arms and shoulders… cautioning to use a light weight on them.

Okay, the YTI moves I can do… but the Wall Sit with Leg Extensions with the ball… not a chance.  I couldn’t even just do a Wall Sit with the ball, let alone add Leg Extensions.  So, I did them without the ball and carried on.  I am just not that good with the ball, although I am determined to get better.  I swear, I have just fallen off of it too many times.

I am loving the challenge of these workouts, though, both physically and mentally.  Really.

And I think I may have neglected to mention a couple of things that have also changed from Round 4 of Best Body Boot Camp.  Tina is now providing video demos of herself doing all the moves AND she has laid out an alternate plan altogether for beginners to strength training.  Awesome.  These Best Body Boot Camps just keep getting better and better.

And so am I.

My arms and shoulders are getting so much stronger and starting to look pretty darned good, if I do say so myself, and I can see the difference in my butt and my legs, too.  It is motivating and feels good.  Just goes to show that it is never to late to work hard and reap the benefits.

So, the stability ball now…. are you a fan?  Have you ever fallen off of one?


  1. Look at you!!! Glad you're feeling even stronger! I'm a fan of the stability ball & wall sits but it does take some practice! When I taught aerobics to my fellow teachers (when I was still teaching), I'd have them perform wall sits and they'd tell me the next day that "recess" meant standing since they couldn't sit down! LOL

  2. Way to go! I love Tina - she knows her stuff. :)

  3. ha Ha ha ha ha ha! The stability ball... Oh my, I have massive amounts of stories about those. I used to have to balance on them for snowboarding... IE: balance on top, with a snowboard on.... Yes, basically I was a seal on a ball... It was definitely PAINFUL but I did finally master it!!

  4. I love my stability ball! I use it all the time and I can do so many awesome exercises with it!

  5. i buy them, get annoyed with them, trash them than buy more! its a horrible cycle!

  6. You go, girl! That's awesome that you are getting so strong.

    I have a cheap stability ball which I use to workout with my trainer but he has one of those no-burst balls and it's much firmer and easier to work with. My next purchase will be a no-burst ball.

  7. I'm loving the stability ball workouts too. I liked the push ups on the stability ball, those were so completely different than a regular push up, the challenge was awesome.

    Great job pushing yourself to try new things. I'm sure you are noticing more muscles - ready to share pictures? :-)


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