Monday, July 8, 2013

Here is a Post About Running!

I realize that I don't blog about running very much at all lately... I am only running a couple of times a week at the most, and it's not really worth talking about... much.

Since I have been following a more natural foods 'diet' I have been trying to follow a more natural way of exercising as well.  Lots of long walks, hikes, shorter runs... full body motions and I have been doing a lot more active play, too.

Every week I am practicing my sprint intervals on one of the runs.

Today I woke up quite early and decided to put off  my strength work till tomorrow, and get out bright and early to do some sprints before the day got too warm.

I had my lime water with Epicor, then a few sips of coffee and by then The Captain had decided he wanted to come with me... so I made us each a quick protein shake - vanilla protein powder, bit of frozen banana, unsweetened plain Almond Breeze and a shake of cinnamon.  Quick change into running gear and off we went.

As we walked the couple of blocks to my designated starting point I told The Captain about the 'Running From the Lions' game.

I chose to repeat the same intervals I have been practising which is

10 x [10 second sprints with a 20 second easy run to recovery]

then finish up the loop around the park with an easy lope, about 14 - 15 minutes in all.

I have been running the sprints on a bark trail on the perimeter of the park because I think it forces me to pick up my feet higher which is better for me when I want to run faster.  It also makes me focus more.  The Captain doesn't like running on the bark, but this run was for me so I didn't offer to alter the route.

After the first 7 intervals I started to really feel it in my quads and The Captain laughed and told me I might as well just walk into the lion's grasp cause the last few were so much slower!

I think he enjoyed it though, because normally he just lopes along beside me at my slow pace and doesn't really get much of a run, but today, he could go as fast as he wanted during the sprints and then he ran back to me during the recovery portions.  It was fun to see him run really fast.

I have done these same intervals a few times now and I think I am ready to extend the 10 second sprint to 15 seconds, so next time out I will change my Gymboss timer to 15/15 and do that 5 times to start with.

Do you run intervals?

Do you think this might make my overall running any faster if I keep with it?


  1. I am trying to start some speedwork, but it is so hot right now. I have been jogging a song, then picking up speed during the chorus. I do that for two miles with a mile warm up and cool down.

  2. I love the new look!! Yay for you running sprints. You have me thinking now. You look terrific:)

  3. I notice an increase in pace when I practice intervals, so I'd say yes! But I'm not the greatest runner, so who am I to say :-)
    It's been so hot & humid lately, my runs aren't something to write about either :-(

  4. I do intervals, I think they are so great for helping improve your speed.

    I did have to laugh when the Captain said you might as well walk into the lions grasp.

  5. Intervals are key. If I could do only one type of running, intervals would be it. You will definitely get faster if you stay with this workout.

  6. Great workout! Awesome that you are pushing yourself and seeing results. Yay!

  7. Running intervals is always helpful. I'm going to make a suggestion to you though--run your easy run first, then stop and do the intervals. you might also bring the number down, but make them more like 20 seconds each. Fully recover between each one. You'll be surprised by how much bang for your buck you can get!

  8. Interval training is definitely important and I think overtime you will certainly see a vast improvement in your running speed! :) Keep it up, you're inspiration to everyone, seriously!

  9. Love that you are doing new things! I do intervals & HIIT in the gym & it has helped me... my one outside run is not for speed but more to enjoy! :)

  10. Good job! It's fun that you guys got out together and did it! I do like intervals although they are challenging. They really kick my butt but make me feel great afterwards! Keep up the good work!


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