Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday 'Fession

I have a little confession to make.  Shhhhh...

I did NOT work out while we were off on our little vacation to WA state this past week. Even though I did take along a printed workout that I found online and really thought I would do in the hotel room…


I packed my Gymboss interval timer, just so I wouldn’t have any excuses… but darn!  I just never did it.  Between getting up very early to shop so we could spend evenings visiting with our elderly friend… fighting off cold symptoms and being over-stimulated with the whirlwind… I just didn’t do it.

I am not sure how many miles I might have walked on Monday while we shopped till I almost dropped. And then we did some serious walking on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a bit more shopping thrown in, just for good measure and to make sure that we gave the American economy a good boost!
So, this morning, after working 2 shifts yesterday and still not doing any exercise, I was really eager to get my sweat on.  But, I decided that since I had already missed 2 of my strength routines this week, I might just as well miss today’s scheduled routine as well… call it a ‘week off’ and get out the new 15-lb kettlebell I bought on this trip.

I had been looking for one everywhere we shopped but wasn’t finding anything at a great price, until The Captain spotted this little baby at the last store we looked in before heading to board the ferry that would bring us back to Canada on Wednesday afternoon.

I wasn’t really sure about the shape of it until I picked it up and did some double arm swings and hip thrusts in the aisle of the store… well, wouldn’t you have done that too?  Anyway, it felt just fine, and is comfortable to hold in my hands so I snapped it up and happily paid just under $18 for it!

Oct 25 kettlebell 001

You can see that it is quite different from my 10-lb kettlebell which is the traditional shape.  That may be why it was so inexpensive.

May 25th Kettlebell 006

First thing this morning, I got out my Reebok Kettlebell workout DVD and did the warm up and basic workout and cool down.  I could really feel the difference from my 10-lb kettlebell.  Hurray!  It is just what I wanted and I am happy I made the decision to try it.  I am sure I will be using both of them a lot.

I intend to continue my 3 strength workouts per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and add a kettlebell workout on either Saturdays or Sundays… we’ll see.

Are you a kettlebell fan?

Do you get in  your workouts when you leave home for a few days?


  1. I have a hard time sticking with my workouts while on vacation. Too much to do usually. I've never seen a kettlebell like that, looks cool:)

  2. I don't blame you at all! The only holiday that I consciously worked out on was two months before my marathon. If I know I'm going to be In a hotel with a gym and swimming pool then I pack my gear...
    Have never tried a kettlebell workout...

  3. I do work out but I plan for less of them & not as intense as home since I am normally fairly active on vacations! Excited to hear how you like the weights! :)


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