Saturday, October 19, 2013

Heading South on Sunday

It has been such an odd week.  Very quiet, and VERY inactive.

On Tuesday morning, The Captain woke up with a head cold… full blown symptoms overnight.  Watery puffy eyes, runny nose, annoying dry cough (well, annoying to me anyway), sneezing and sniffling.  I made him a cup of spicy black tea and sent him back to bed for the day.

And I tip-toed around, being as quiet as a mouse, so as not to disturb his rest, hopeful he could get some more healing sleep.  He managed to make it out to the couch for his favorite Tuesday night tv shows. (And I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the new season of The Biggest Loser - so happy Jillian used her trainer-save... hate it when someone goes home after the first week.)

Thank GOODNESS he felt somewhat better on Wednesday… and each day since then his symptoms have been waining… today he is almost feeling up to his normal energetic self.  ALMOST.

Now I haven’t caught the bug yet.  I have been avoiding it like the plague and sucking on zinc lozenges and drinking green tea, and upping my Vitamin C intake.. for the past couple of weeks actually, as I have been in contact with colds at work, too.  And, oh yeah, I am washing my hands and using hand sanitizers so much I am lucky I have any skin left.  I am keeping a positive outlook and convinced that I AM staying healthy.  I think that matters.

I have not been doing much working out either. I did my 3 strength workouts this week, but no running, and no tennis either.  I thought those things might run me down a bit and let the cold bugs in!  I am not taking ANY chances.

And why am I being so careful NOT to catch this darn cold anyway?  Because we are heading to WA state tomorrow morning on the ferry, and I want to feel great for our little trip.  We will only have 4 days away, but I have lots of things on my to-do (or should I say to-buy) list and I need energy to SHOP!

It is has been a couple of years since I have been inside a  Trader Joe’s and I am pretty excited about it!  There is a new one in my favorite shopping town and I can hardly wait to get there!

Sorry to cut this short, but I am about to get serious about my packing…  I have just started tossing things on the bed that I cannnot forget to take along… some snacks, some protein powders and a shaker, maps, hotel workout, some U.S. currency, and a couple of Handfuls.  This is just a beginning of course… now where is my Gymboss timer anyway?

Oct 19 packing 001

What things do you never leave home without?

What do you recommend to avoid a cold?


  1. Have a great time! I always pack a swimming costume/bikini in case there's a swimming pool (or a chance to get in the sea!). And I love my Sanctuary mini bath and shower goodies :)

  2. Stay well and have a great trip! I used to travel with an immersion blender for my shakes. Ha! Now I pack Kind bars and apples, running gear of course. Enjoy!

  3. HAVE FUN!!! Hubby got sick here too so hoping I don't catch it!!!! I don't leave home without my Hoka shoes! ;)

  4. I hope you're having a fantastic trip and that everyone is feeling healthy!

  5. I hope you are having a great time here in WA! What stores are on your "must go" list?

  6. I saw this pic on the Handul FB page and it reminded me I needed to buy another one! I'm wearing my only one constantly so I just ordered that beautiful green one!

  7. I would wear my skin off too, trying to rid myself of germs!

    Laughing at Marcia who has traveled with an immersion blender :)) That is fantastic! Sounds like you are doing all you can to keep healthy. Now I want to know why you are going to Washington! Enjoy the ferry ride! Are you in BC ?


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