Saturday, October 26, 2013

Running Again

Wahooo!  We got out for a run this morning.

It wasn’t a very long one… only 3.35 km (that's 2.1 miles)

and it was a very slow one…. 26 minutes flat.

But a run it was, and I am so happy about it.  I didn’t want to run last week when I was trying to keep from catching The Captain’s cold germs… so this morning, because he is feeling much better,  we headed out together. I promised him, as he was wiping his runny nose while tying up his shoes, that I would keep it short. And I did.  And he was glad we went out too… I think he was happy to be feeling really active again, after laying low for almost 2 weeks!

And don’t ya love the neon yellow shirt?  It is my ‘volunteer crew’ shirt from working for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon a couple of weeks ago, handing out race shirts to the entrants as they came in to the expo on Friday evening.

Oct 26 run 002

I really didn’t think I would ever really use it cause it is that color and kinda large and shapeless cause it is a man's style I am sure, but it fits easily and loosely over a running tee and was perfect for the gloomy and dull light that we had this morning.  No one would miss me coming, that is for sure.  I have decided I kinda like it!

Do you run when you have the sniffles?

What do you think of neon yellow?


  1. Bright neon Yellow shirts...I rarely wear them but I do have a few. However, I have a bright yellow Brooks vest that I wear all the time. It definitely keeps you visible! :) Yes and no. I think sometimes a run can do a sniffling body clear it all out!

  2. I wear bright yellow when Im out first thing in the AM or later in the PM. You still have flowers!!!

  3. I love hi-viz colors when I'm on roads running and for racing too so family/friends can see me. Glad the Captain is feeling better. Sometimes I'll try a short/slow run if I'm not feeling great. But I won't hesitate to cut it short if it doesn't go well.

  4. I love that color! AND you can be seen! :) I work out if I am fine but just sniffles - when it is body aches & flu - nope... :)


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