Monday, October 28, 2013

Marvelous Monday

I was excited to wake up and jump up and get up and get my day started!

You see, when we were away last week, shopping and visiting friends in WA, I was on the hunt for a pair of 12-lb dumbbells and also a 15-lb kettlebell… and was fortunate to come home them in tow.

Most of the stores we checked are not carrying 12-lb dumbbells anymore so I was thrilled when The Captain found some at Target in Silverdale.  And also surprised because I don’t usually find anything I like in this particular store… and was not even going to bother going there this trip, but decided to give it a try at the last minute when nothing else was panning out.

They had 2 different kinds of 12-lb dumbbells so I opted for the ones with a neoprene cover because I can use them with bare hands.  The other set were all metal and didn’t feel comfy in my hands. I would have had to purchase a pair of workout gloves to use them I am sure.

So this morning, I did my scheduled strength workout with the new 12-lb dumbells, instead of my usual 8-lb dumbbells, reducing the reps in the exercises to 6 or 8 instead of the normal 12.  I could really feel the difference.  Hurray!  I am glad I made the decision to be tenacious and keep looking for the 12-lb set instead of settling for 10-lb ( I am not ready for 15-lb at this point ) .

Then, after lunch, we headed out to spend a couple of hours with our golf clubs.

One of courses in our area is located on a high hill that overlooks Haro Strait and San Juan Island, WA, to the East. It is a beautiful location and a wonderul place to be on a sunny day… Mount Baker was spendid today against the blue sky... so we headed up there and bought ourselves each a short game pass for the Winter season… they are good till the end of February 2014 and gives us every day, all day access to their great little practice facility.  There is an 18-hole putting course, a  large chipping green and a large pitching green that also has 2 sand bunkers.

We had these passes a couple of years ago during a mild winter and used them a lot so let’s keep our fingers crossed for another mild and sunny winter, here on the South end of the Island… so we can golf and play tennis to our hearts’ content!

Just a few pictures of our outing to share…

Oct 28 golf 001

Oct 28 golf 002

Oct 28 golf 004

Oct 28 golf 005

Oct 28 golf 007

Are you a golfer? 

What is your favorite way to enjoy a beautiful sunny Fall afternoon?


  1. My favourite way (by my self) is to be out running. My favourite way to enjoy a sunny afternoon is being outside playing with my girls in the yard/playground or going for a walk.

  2. My husband golfs but I am terrible. I don't have enough patience for it:/

  3. Looks like a gorgeous day! I am ashamed to say we joined a club this summer and I never golfed a single time. I was thinking we could bring the kids and be a foursome, alas kids must be at least 9. Sigh.
    I did make it to the driving range a lot though.

  4. Aw you two look GREAT :) And I ADOREEEE those mornings where you're so thrilled you jump out of bed, no problem with a huge smile on your face. Typically happens to me quite often actually!


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